RF Loads

Launch 3 Telecom RF Loads

    Launch 3 manufactures high-quality RF loads that deliver power density among the lowest in the industry. It also delivers excellent return loss characteristics throughout the whole operating range, perfect for use in test and operational applications. The rugged construction is also appropriate for both base station and in-building wireless systems. Launch 3 provides high quality RF Loads at an affordable value.

Model Number Description Andrew Part #
WL-5W-3G-NM RF Load/Termination, 1/2/5W, N-M, DC-3GHz N/A
WL-5W-3G-DM RF Load/Termination, 1/2/5W, DIN-M, DC-3GHz N/A
WL-10W-3G-NM RF Load/Termination, 10 W, N-M, DC-3GHz N/A
WL-30W-3G-NM RF Load/Termination, 25/30 W, N-M, DC-3GHz N/A
WL-50W-3G-NM RF Load/Termination, 50 W, N-M, DC-3GHz N/A
WL-100W-3G-NM RF Load/Termination, 100 W, N-M, DC-3GHz N/A
WL-200W-3G-NM RF Load/Termination, 200 W, N-M, DC-3GHz N/A

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