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4 Way Divider 2-4Ghz Mask kit
Meca 4 Way Divider 2-4Ghz Mask kit
Point to Point Transport
Redlines RDL-5000 supports point-to-point transport and is very easy to install and manage. This system reaches up to 800 Mbps of throughout and has a zero footprint and power saving amenities. The RDL-5000 offers high-resolution video, VoIP, Metro Ethernet services, MPLS, transparent LAN, and other TCP/IP based services. This product is made up of antennas, cables, mounting hardware, and power sources, all designed to be less complex and easy to operate. Some features of the RDL-5000 include flexible SLA support, eight level QoS support, dependable operation in all weather conditions, over-the-air monitoring, and custom tuned frequency diplexers. This system supports data, video, and voice services, as well as upgrades without having to alter the hardware using Redlines ClearView NMS application. The RDL-5000 can operate well in all temperatures and weather conditions of all extremes. All of these characteristics make this Redline system highly flexible and desired by a wide range of customers.
Point-to-point transport system
Redlines RDL-2000 is a point-to-point transport system that is highly dependable for a wide variety of customers. This system reaches up to 270 Mbps and can support PTP links up to 50 km. The RDL-2000 provides the service needed to transport multiple TCP/IP based services. These may include transparent LAN, MPLS, Metro Ethernet services, VoIP, and high-resolution video. This Redline system has many features that accentuate its top quality technology. Some of these features and capabilities include high throughput, operation in all extreme temperatures and weather conditions, use of Intelligent Interference Sensing/Suppression, and over-the-air monitoring that allows for updates using Redlines ClearView NMS instead of physical alterations. The RDL-2000 is used to provide reliable wireless connectivity to customers worldwide.
AN-50e Wireless Base Unit, 24 Mbps Max. Data Rate/18 Mbps Max. throughput, (QPSK), Single 110/220/240 VAC Power