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Digital Microwave
Harriss MegaStar system is a digital microwave that is highly versatile and compatitble with various other products. This system can transport up to double OC-12 capacity and supports a wide bandwidth pipe. The MegaStar operates using 6, 7, 8, and 11 GHz radio frequency bands and provides DS3, SONET, SDH, and ATM interfaces. NP, MHSB, MHSB-SD and 1:N configurations are also available with the MegaStar. This Harris system has many features that support its ideal solutions that are inexpensive and efficient. These features include built-in test facilities, performance monitoring, inventory, and much more. The design of this system avoids future maintenance costs or equipment testing, saving you money from start to finish. The architecture of this system is highly flexible allowing more options to be available to a wide variety of customers.
Microwave Radio
Harriss DVM radio microwave family is made up of the XT, the 45 Mbps Excell, the Non-Excell, and other DTE models. This Harris system supports 6, 11, and 18 GHz radio frequency bands. The DVM also offers 4, 8, 12, 16 T1 and 28, DS3 configurations. This systems features and capabilities make it easily usable by a wide variety of carriers, operators, service providers, and even government projects. Some of these features include drop and insert capabilities as well as terminal and repeater configurations in just a single rack. These and other features support the Harris DVMs flexibility and versatility.
Microwave radio
Harriss Constellation radio microwave is a flexible and versatile system that is completely installed indoors and is used by mid- to high-capacity applications of carriers, operators, and service providers. This system supports 6, 7/8, 10, and 11 GHz FCC and NTIA radio frequency bands as well as 8/16/28xDS1, 1/3/4xDS3 and 2xDS3 + 28xDS1 capacity. The Constellation also offers upgrades from 4xDS1 to 4xDS3 or 1xOC-3 capacities. Another benefit of this system is its maintenance simplification. You will not have to attend to tower-mounted equipment in order to complete repairs. The Constellation supports the new 4xDS3 interface, which allows for easy upgrades not involving the addition of a new radio system. The embedded SNMP agent supports the systems management of the product. This agent is compatible with Hariss NetBoss, StarView, and FarScan products as well.