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As the world’s #1 wireless backhaul specialist, Ceragon Networks ensures that mobile and fixed-line carriers as well as private network operators have the cost-effective transmission capacity to deliver the voice and premium data services on which we all rely. Ceragon’s network solutions lower cost of ownership, speed time to deployment and deliver the highest and most reliable radio capacity for any network. Agile and responsive, Ceragon addresses the constantly evolving needs of today’s networks so that operators can fully leverage new marketing and technology opportunities without business interruption.

Newest Ceragon Products

Ceragon FiberAir 2000 - SW-0195-0
Ceragon FiberAir 2000 - SW-0195-020-0-100M-FCC-49-EX-AN
Mediation Device
Mediation Device - Coupler WR-90S/N
S/N - UM-06061194
Ceragon AM-3-LL-R
10.7-11.7GHz 3' High Performance Microwave Antenna. Single Pol 37.6dBi mid Gain. Ceragon Interface.
High capacity wireless backhaul
The FibeAir IP-10G is a high capacity wireless backhaul solution that is carrier grade. The FibeAir IP-10G combines advanced Ethernet and TDM functionality to produce an amazing microwave radio performance. This product is cost effective, risk-free migration to IP/Ethernet, and can integrate any pure IP/Ethernet, Native2 (hybrid) or TDM network. The product features advanced service management and Operation Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) tools which improves network reliability and capability, while reducing CAPEX and OPEX, to support services with different SLAs. The FibeAir IP-10G delivers very high capacity per channel while utilizing the spectral efficiency per link, enabling it to create a great QoE. This product can enable higher capacity downloads due to its asymmetric traffic scenarios. Additional functionality can be enabled through license keys while on the same hardware.
Indoor wireless Ethernet backhaul
The FibeAir IP-10E CLH is an indoor wireless Ethernet backhaul product. Its use is for high capacity, and long distance applications. This product is very cost effective and is reliable allowing you to maximize efficiency and improve business operations. The FibeAir IP-10E CLH is a very compact product and has a very low power consumption, making it ideal for small network deployments and limited space. IP-10E CLH covers the entire licensed frequency spectrum with the addition of the unlicensed 5.8 GHz band, and offers capacity of up to 370 Mbps over a single radio carrier using a single radio frequency unit. IP-10E CLH is built to enhance end user Quality of Experience with its amazing traffic management, high capacity, economic efficiency, and reliability.
All-Outdoor Radio
The FibeAir IP-10C is great for mobile operators due to its rapid deployment, and cost effectiveness for a backhaul solution. This product is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and it easy to mount on towers, rooftops, and outdoor mobile sites. The FibeAir IP-10C features enhanced spectrum utilization, comprehensive synchronization solutions and powerful low-delay traffic management. The product contains high capacity to 1Gbps. It also utilizes enables higher download capacities through its asymmetrical breakthrough system. The system offers an amazing QoS through its Service-Aware Solution. The product ensures a high reliability maximizing full network efficiency. It also creates better availability through its smaller antenna and high system gain.
11 GHz 3 ft. Antenna
18 GHz 6 ft. Antenna