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ADC D1M-1E0010
> > D1M-1E0010
Part: D1M-1E0010
Manufacturer: ADC
AT&T/Oracle Part Number: NEQ.10967
Description: DS1 Interconnect Panel 56 Circuits Wire Wrap 19 inches

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ADC D1M-1E0010

The D1M-1E0010 is a 56-circuit bantam interconnect panel. Bantam interconnect panels contain pairs of jacks that are internally connected together. These panels utilize the same bantam jacks as the DSX-1 panels, but the permanent internal connection between jacks dedicates two network elements to each other. Some key features and benefits of the D1M-1E0010 are: Die-cast Bantam jacks are rigorously tested with over 10,000 insertions/withdrawals, Permanent internal connection between jacks, Guarantees reliability, durability, and quality over time, and Dedicates two network elements to each other at customer premises locations.