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Performance Assurance Suite
The Accedian Networks V-NID offers a wide-ranging solution for validating networks on a precise and uninterrupted basis. Employing standard reflectors such as ETH-OAM or TWAMP integrated network components allows this system the capability of one-way monitoring of network performance with high accuracy. It also eliminates the obligation for hardware test points at each end of connection.
Performance Assurance Element
The Accedian Networks VeloCITY FS system offers network supervisors the ability to obtain a continuous stream of measurement data beneath the 1 second sampling rate. This is performed without disturbing the current link with measurement data. This system is celebrated as an exceedingly accurate method for obtaining measurements about the entire network, especially last mile connections.
NID service performance management
The NanoNID offers services such as Remote Troubleshooting, Performance Measuring and Capacity Planning. This system excels in sites that have limited rack-space and/or power capacity. Other benefits are the ability to upgrade legacy networks by adding performance assurance capabilities in an in-service fashion. This allows for a cost-effective and simplified method of network improvement. In addition, this system offers Future Proof Field Programmability, Remote management, integration with existing Accedian Networks suite of V-NID Actuators, performance management and troubleshooting with a TWAMP-Lite option, and RFC-2544 and ITU-T Y.1564 automated Service Activation Testing capabilities.
Networking Node
The Accedian MetroNODE LT is a networking node built with capabilities of 10G high performance service. This compact Carrier Ethernet service is a formation and combination solution that offers low latency. It also provides high accessibility performance assurance capabilities for networking applications such as mobile backhaul, Ethernet business services, wholesale services and cloud connectivity. This is designed for wire performance and high-port density for services that are important to customers.
Demarcation Device
The Accedian Networks MetroNID GT offers effective Ethernet services with the help of fiber technology. This system has ring networking skills for delivering reliability, overcoming operational, management and performance limitations, excluding sections, generating redundancy, and ensuring QoS for service providers. This allows for high performance service formation and guaranteeing functionality.
Performance Assurance Element
The Accedian Networks MetroNID GPS is designed with high performance hardware for use with both indoor and outdoor antennas. It is capable of tracking up to 12 satellites and activating alarms if the GPS signal is lost. This system is best used for accurate network performance measurements.
Demarcation Device
The Accedian Networks MetroNID allows the quickening and optimization of your services, protection of your core network capacity, and supplies best-in-class end-to-end QoS. Without adding delay to customer traffic, it can light up dark-fibre networks with standards-based OAM, intelligent layer 1-4 loopback and in-service RFC-2544 performance testing.
Ethernet and IP Network Demarcation Device
The EtherNID system is built for service separation at the edge of the network for quality service assurance and formation straight from customer locations and cell sites. It oversees live 4G LTE and WiMAX wireless backhaul and business services applications. It performs as a wire-speed media converter while offering the capabilities of in-service throughput testing, intelligent layer 1-4 loopback, Ethernet service creation and SLA validation.