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Powerwave P90-15-XLH-RR
> > P90-15-XLH-RR
Part: P90-15-XLH-RR
Manufacturer: Powerwave
Genre: Wireless
AT&T/Oracle Part Number: ANT.10002
Weight: 65.0lbs
Description: Dual Band Antenna, 15dBi, 90, 698-896MHz and 1710-2170MHZ, 6', AISG v2.0 Internal RET Module

Launch 3 Telecom has acquired most of Powerwave parts in their catalogue. If you need assistance for purchasing or repair please contact us at
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Powerwave P90-15-XLH-RR

Dual Band Antenna 698-896MHz,and 1710-2170MHZ; 15dBi 90deg,6ft AISG v2.0 internal,RET (Dual Broadband Antennas) IRET 8510 RET Motor installed