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Andrew RV90-17-02DP
> > RV90-17-02DP
Part: RV90-17-02DP
Manufacturer: Andrew
Genre: Wireless
AT&T/Oracle Part Number: ANT.00030
Description: Andrew Base Station Antennas

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Andrew RV90-17-02DP

GENERAL SUMMARY:</br></br>-Superb pattern shapes for excellent coverage</br>-Stress free mechanical design for thermal expansion strain relief between radome and tray</br>-Back fed connector for alternative installation options</br>-Designed for maximum gain</br></br></br>GENERAL DESCRIPTION:</br></br>ELECTRICAL:</br>Frequency (MHz) : 1850 - 1990</br>Polarization : Vertical</br>Gain (dBd/dBi) : 14.4/16.5</br>Azimuth BW (Deg.): 90</br>Elevation BW (Deg.): 6</br>Beam Tilt (Deg.): 2</br>Front-To-Back Ratio* (dB) : 28</br>VSWR : <1.35:1</br>PIM3 @ 2 x 20w (dBc) : -150</br>Max. Input Power (Watts) : 250</br>Impedance (Ohms) : 50</br>Lightning Protection : Chassis</br></br>MECHANICAL:</br>Weight : 6.1 kg (13.5 lb)</br>Dimensions (LxWxD) : 1,422 x 203 x 71 mm</br>(56 x 8 x 2.8 in)</br>Max. Wind Area : 0.15 m